Newsweak looks for the dark clouds in Tal Afar

Newsweak sent its reporter to do a hatchet job on Tal Afar after President Bush praised the liberation of the city from al Qaeda butchers. The reporter demonstrates the typical ignorance of warfare of the mainstream media noticing the number of troops that are still in the town to keep order. Duh!

The main theory in defeating an enemy using a raiding strategy is to get a force to space ratio that makes it impossible for him to operate without being killed or caught. So the reporter was talking about the fact that they were still patrolling the city. Are reporters really this ignorant? Yes.

Newsweak is one of those liberal publications that is heavily invested in losing in Iraq and is willing to strain every resource to write stories that fit that agenda. The reporter also expended some effort to find people in the city to poo-poo the current situation.

He did talk to the mayor and mentioned his letter without publishing its content. The mayor was delighted that the President mentioned his city, because he felt like there was a commitment to stay and protect his town. To the Newsweak reporter this just showed the twon was not like a city in the midwest yet.


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