Saudis arrest 40 al Qaeda suspects

Arab News:

Saudi security forces arrested 40 suspected terrorists in three different operations around the Kingdom in the past two weeks, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday. “It was not one operation but a series of operations aimed at tackling terror early on,” ministry spokesman Gen. Mansour Al-Turki told Arab News.

Those arrested are suspected members of Al-Qaeda terrorist cells, some of whom appear to have links to the Feb. 25 foiled attack on the Al-Abqaiq oil refinery in the Eastern Province. The ministry has not released the names of any of the detained suspects.

The ministry statement said that security forces tracked a number of suspicious movements in various areas of the Kingdom by people who were stockpiling weapons, providing material and financial support to the terrorists’ cause, and using the Internet to spread subversive propaganda and promoting acts of violence.


The daily said several bombs, machine guns and explosive materials were found, adding that the owner of the house was arrested and was being interrogated.

Al-Turki said that there were only two terror suspects at large from a list released by the Interior Ministry in June of known suspected terrorists believed to have been in the Kingdom. “If we see that there is a need to issue a new list in the upcoming two weeks we shall,” said Al-Turki. “It depends on our investigation.”



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