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A lawyer has asked the Dubai Public Prosecution to reconsider the case of a gang-raped flight attendant and charge her with drinking and having an illicit relationship.

Lawyer Nasser Hashim, of Al Kamali Advocates and Legal Consultants, asked the Dubai Court of Appeal yesterday to return the case to the Public Prosecution "to reconsider the case and replace the rape charges with having an illicit affair".

Dubai Court of First Instance had earlier sentenced four young UAE nationals, identified as S.Z., 21, A.Z., K.S., both 20, and I.A., 19, to two years in jail each after they were found guilty of luring the 23-year-old British victim into their car, driving off to a remote area and raping her.


He pleaded with the judge to ask the public prosecution to reconsider the victim "as a culprit".


However at least they did not charge her with adultry and order stoning. Some Shari'a traditions die hard.


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