Reporter released

AP/Houston Chronicle:

American reporter Jill Carroll, who was kidnapped three months ago in a bloody ambush that killed her translator and later appeared in videotapes pleading for help, was released today, and her editor said she was "fine."

Police Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said Carroll, 28, was handed over to the Iraqi Islamic Party office in Amiriya, western Baghdad, by an unknown group. She was later turned over to the Americans and was believed to be in the heavily fortified Green Zone, he said.


In this story she says:

''I was treated well, but I don't know why I was kidnapped,'' Carroll said in a brief interview on Baghdad television.
Funny. That was not the impression she gave in her videos. Were all those tears just an acting job, or is she covering for them now? Other than dressing her in funny cloths, threatening to kill her and making her cry on video, she was treated ok. It appears that her treatment was at least as bad as the guy dressed in the funny outfit in the Abu Graid photos. Funny how the same standard is not applied to the enemy.


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