Taiwan upgrades its amphibious assualt vehicles


Taiwan’s marine corps March 28 inaugurated 54 U.S.-built amphibious assault vehicles as part of the island’s efforts to boost defense capabilities in the face of ongoing saber-rattling from Beijing.

Some of the AAPV7-A1 vehicles, built by FMC Corporation, would be deployed in the northern township of Linko to safeguard the capital from any surprise attack by Chinese forces, the navy said.

Others would deploy at the Tsoying naval base, it said.

The remodelled and upgraded vehicles were purchased in 2002 for 6.1 billion Taiwan dollars ($187.7 million U.S.) to replace the LVTP5 vehicles, which have been used by Taiwan’s marines for more than 60 years.

”These vehicles outperform the LVTP5s now serving the marines either in water or on land,” navy captain Wang Rui-lin told reporters.



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