Unlikely to appeal to anyones pruient interest

Fox News:

When taking on City Hall, it’s important to be a naked … and a senior citizen.

At least that seems to be the case in Randolph County, Ind.

In a move no doubt inspired by a certain popular film that shall remain nameless in this column, seven seasoned ladies, aged 76 to 94, posed for a calendar in their birthday suits in a frisky fundraising effort to save a county courthouse from demolition — and it worked, the Palladium-Item.com reports.

“We all feel sure that thing would have been long gone if we hadn’t done the calendar,” said 87-year-old Eileen Herron (Miss October).

The gutsy grannies’ eyebrow-raising calendar in the buff, which netted more than $20,000 for their cause, shows the women naked as the day they were born (long, long ago) — save strategically-placed mini-replicas of the 19th century building they were trying to save.

Commissioner David Lenkensdofer said the public awareness raised by the calendar girls made a difference.



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