A family turns in a terrorist


Coalition and Iraqi security forces are getting help rooting out terrorists and their weapons as Iraqi citizens grow increasingly intolerant of terrorists, even turning their own relatives over to authorities.

One terrorist’s relative turned him over to Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers Monday, accusing him of drive-by attacks against Iraqi Army troops in Baghdad.

Soldiers from the 87th Infantry Regiment responded to the relative’s tip and searched the suspect’s house, finding two AK-47 rifles, a 9 mm pistol and body armor. The suspect was taken into custody for questioning.

Two separate tips from local Iraqis led Coalition and Iraqi Soldiers to two weapons caches March 25 east of Al Imam. U.S. 4th Infantry Division Soldiers along with 8th Iraqi Army Division Soldiers found more than 300 grenades and 100-plus hand grenade fuses, machine gun rounds, artillery rounds, bags of artillery propellant and blasting caps.



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