Victoria Cross for taking out Taliban machine guns

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On 11 June 2010, Cpl Roberts-Smith was leading a mission in the volatile Kandahar province when his men came under machine-gun fire from fortified Taliban positions.

He decided to draw their fire away from his men, who were unable to move under the hail of bullets.

The corporal deliberately revealed his position to the insurgents, shooting dead one insurgent and then overpowering two others.

"He will always know, as we know now, that in the heat of the battle he did not fail when mateship and duty called," Ms Gillard said.

Cpl Roberts-Smith is the second person to have received the Victoria Cross for Australia, which was created in 1991 and is a separate award from the British VC.

Overall, 98 Australians have been awarded the VC - the highest military honour in the Commonwealth and equivalent to the US Medal of Honor.
I posted on this guy before, but a few more details are coming out. He is a very brave fighter.  Cpl Roberts-Smith is in the SAS which is a special operations branch.
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