With Russian collusion not working as a strategy Democrats look to use business transactions to attack Trump

William Jacobson:

Michael Cohen Show takeaway: Dems and Prosecutors focused on finding a Trump business crime

They are searching for a crime unrelated to his actions as President.  I doubt they are going to find anything significant.  Business transactions of the magnitude of the Trump organization are over-lawyered by not only counsel representing the company but also by top attorneys representing the banks and other institutions they are dealing with.  Those attorneys have to sign off on the legality of the transactions as well as do due diligence in looking at the parties involved.

I also think that even if they find a slip up in the arrangements it would not constitute an impeachable offense unless it was somehow connected to his actions as President.  I think the chances of finding something like that is remote.  Trump has actually been a much more effective President than most people expected.  His policies have helped to produce a growing economy and created millions of jobs.  His businesses have actually lost opportunities while he has been President and his net worth has shrunk.  I don't see how they can make an argument that he has profited personally from his office.


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