Maduro shown to be willing to kill and destroy aid for his starving people, breaks relations with Colombia

Washington Examiner:
Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro broke diplomatic ties Saturday with neighboring Colombia after humanitarian assistance from the U.S. and other nations made its way across the Venezuela-Colombia border.

A human chain extending from the outermost limit of Cucuta, Colombia's largest border city, into Venezuela began carrying aid packages into the turmoil-stricken nation. As opposition supporters and regime loyalists clashed on the border, Maduro responded by expelling employees from the Colombian embassy in Caracas.

The nation is facing an economic and humanitarian crisis, as Maduro's regime is challenged by the opposition, led by Juan Guaido. Guaido, who had been the president of the country's national assembly, declared himself the nation's interim president in January.
The violence escalated as Maduro sought to keep his people from getting aid.
Humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela was set on fire last Saturday night, seemingly by troops loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, as scores of people were injured in violent clashes on a bridge into the country.

Volunteers working for Juan Guaido, the self-declared interim president, frantically tried to salvage the medical supplies and emergency rations before they went up in flames.

The blaze, which sent acrid smoke up into the sky and filled the air with sickly smells mingled with tear gas, was said by women on the front line to have been ignited by tear gas canisters, fired from the Venezuelan side - although their accounts could not be independently confirmed.

Dr Andres Calle, coordinating the emergency medical response on the Francisco de Paula Santander Bridge, a short distance from the burning trucks, said that 55 people were injured by 5pm local time. The Telegraph witnessed streams of young men being stretchered in; one had lost an eye, another was shot in the chest with lead pellets.
Maduro's actions will make it more difficult for his supporters outside the country to defend him and his failed socialist regime.  There are at least four dead and dozens injured so far in the fight to keep people starving.


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