Homeless have taken over Venice Beach near Los Angeles

LA is losing its charm.  It has not only a housing crisis but also has a health and crime problem as a result of people using camping tents as "affordable housing.

Further up the coast to Seattle, Washington a similar degradation of civilization is taking place.

A report commissioned by Seattle business leaders and written by a member of the previous Mayoral administration concludes that a small number of homeless repeat offenders are involved in thousands of criminal cases in the city. Titled “System Failure” the report looks at 100 offenders and finds they are involved in over 3,500 criminal cases. Most of those offenses involving stealing from area businesses to pay for drug habits. And because the homeless have learned to work the system, they often spend little or no time in jail, and never appear for court....
Liberal cities on the West Coast are starting to look like third world countries and bringing with them their world crime and disease.  Why people keep elected officials who can't figure out how to deal with these problems is a mystery.   I suggest they start taxing the tent dwellers like they tax homeowners.  If you want less of something tax it.


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