The shadow war against Iran's missile program

Washington Free Beacon:
Iranian leaders disclosed over the weekend that they are aware of recent attempts by the United States to conduct secret sabotage operations against the country's contested ballistic missile program, but dismissed claims these operations have been successful.

Iranian General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Aerospace Force, acknowledged recent attempts by the United States to hack into Iran's missile program and throw it off course—an offensive measure successfully used by the United States and allies against Tehran in the past—but said Iran had discovered the operations early on and took measures to block the hack attacks.

U.S. efforts to sabotage Iran's missile program prompted Iran to clandestinely infiltrate an American Army Command center last week and take control of several advanced U.S. drones, as the Washington Free Beacon reported last week, according to the IRGC commander.

"We have understood this since several years ago, but kept silent about it," Hajizadeh was quoted as saying over the weekend in Tehran, adding that Iran enacted counter-measures to mitigate the damage.
The IRGC leader went on to say that the United States sent damaged industrial parts to Iran as part of the attempt to sabotage its missile program. These efforts fueled a retaliatory attack last week on a U.S. Army Command Center that Tehran has claimed to be a success.
There is more.

Iran also claims to have built heavy submarines capable of firing anti ship missiles.  If they have such subs they will be targeted by US hunter-killer submarines.  Iran has had some success in the past at taking over the control of US drones.  It is something the US needs to deal with not only with Iran but also with other adversaries.


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