Democrats Cohen show was a fiasco

NY Times:

‘It’s Not Going to Hurt’: Cohen’s Testimony Does Little to Change Minds

Across America, Michael Cohen’s testimony was, for many, just one more television show on the flat screens hanging in restaurants and bars.
.This Democrat show failed to live up to media predictions but it lived down to my own belief that it would not change any minds.  In fact, Cohen pretty much destroyed the Democrats Russian collusion case hoax. 

Now they are left trying to pick through business transactions looking for an excuse for their next coup attempt.  I suspect they are unlikely to find anything in those either. 

When you are talking about business deals of the size and scope of major hotels and business towers, there are scores of lawyers representing all sides picking through the details and doing due diligence and in the end, these major law firms have to write opinions that the transactions are lawful.  The chances that the Democrats will find something are remote.


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