Alabama look set to vote out Democrat Senator

Washington Examiner:
It doesn’t really matter which Republican candidate takes on Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in November 2020, as long as is isn’t Roy Moore.

If the GOP can avoid a candidate with the kind of baggage Moore had, Jones seems destined to lose his bid to win a full term representing Alabama in the Senate. Jones is the most vulnerable Senate Democrat facing re-election in 2020, and most think he's as good as gone.

“I don’t think Jones has much chance at all of holding on to his seat next year,” political analyst Stuart Rothenberg recently wrote. “Simply put, his special election was a fluke not likely to be repeated.”

The real fight will be among the Republican candidates who will soon battle over the chance to face off against Jones on the general election ballot. Rep. Bradley Byrne, who has represented the state’s 1st Congressional District since 2013, formally entered the race on Wednesday, and others Republicans are expected to jump in ahead of the March 2020 primary.

While Jones’ narrow win excited Alabama Democrats, they have failed to build on the success when it comes to winning statewide races.

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In November, the three Democratic candidates who ran for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general all lost to their Republican opponents and the GOP increased its supermajority in the Alabama statehouse.

“Frankly, Jones won because of who his opponent was,” Alabama political consultant David Mowery told the Washington Examiner.
Moore was a week candidate who ran into a blizzard of Democrat disinformation efforts which ultimately cost him the election.  There are worse Democrats in the Senate than Jones, but he is still a Democrat and that puts him on the wrong side of Alabama voters.


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