Toxic imbecility

Thaddeus G. McCotter:
What is this postmodern plague consuming our nation?

Toxic imbecility.

And where is the hot zone where this imbecilic chicken first came home to roost and now appears ready to cook our goose? An educated guess is that it’s wherever educators first devolved into indoctrinators, turning young people’s brains into carriers of leftist bumper sticker tropes. (Perhaps some of the $3 billion sitting in New York City’s coffers that the Amazonian plutocrat Jeff Bezos didn’t steal from hard working folks can now be invested in remedial courses in economics for elected officials? But I digress.)
Other symptoms of toxic imbecility include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • A febrile fever (colloquially termed, “feeling the Bern”), which leaves one seized with prehensile fingers grasping for other people’s money.
  • A feeling of irrational gratitude when 25,000 jobs won’t be coming to town to enrich your neighbors.
  • A delusion that Chicago is “MAGA country,” where Trump supporters brave sub-zero temperatures to accost celebrities whose shows they don’t watch because they’re racist homophobes.
  • A persistent aching for open borders everywhere except in your gated community.
  • A paranoid belief that President Trump, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, U.S. Representative Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the NRA, the GOP, the NRCC, the NRSC and, hell, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are all Russian assets.
  • Conflating contrary views with violence and hate speech; demanding safe spaces from such differing ideas; and a generalized, free-floating anxiety about the dangers of free speech.
  • Being possessed by Trump Derangement Syndrome (a disorder in and of itself), often manifested by espousing one’s chilling sense that the Putin-sponsored, illegitimate imposition upon America of President Trump means we are all going to die sooner than climate change can kill us.

I would throw in the Green New Deal.  Some of its provisions are literally insane.  When school kids have been indoctrinated with this crap bump into reality they will be totally confused at best.  While there is conflicting evidence suggesting that the planet is warming, the proponents of this theory really go off the rails with outlandish dire predictions which have been demonstrated to be ridiculously overstated.

Trump's blunt refusal to go along with this imbecility drives the proponents of these false narratives further into an uncontrollable rage.


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