The dangerous idiocy of California's 'Sanctuary State' laws almost got another deputy killed

California has already had one deputy killed by an illegal alien who also had a gun.  Fortunately, this deputy was not and the illegal was killed in the shootout.   California's tough gun laws did not stop this illegal from getting one and Democrats in Washington want to not even report attempt to buy guns by illegals to ICE.

The illegal in this case had four current ICE detainers out on him.  The illegal arrest record shows passed gun charges, a DUI, and an assault on a police officer.  California's ridiculous sanctuary state laws are a danger to the public and to law enforcement.  The state officials who support this bad policy should be indicted as accessories to the criminal conduct of the illegals who evade deportation because of it.

We should also be building border barriers to make it harder for criminals like this to reenter the country.


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