The leftist anti-vaccine kooks

Jeff Wagner:
Hey Hey Ho Ho vaccines have got to go.

As I run out of idiotic chants, The Hill is reporting that there are protests in Washington State regarding the right of parents to refuse to have their children vaccinated.

In this scientific age, the left insists upon believing science as the sole dogma worthy of our praise. Yet when pseudo-scientific hysteria grips the left coast, they abandon their dogma in some yuppie display of hipster free-range parenting.

Whereas these same people are prone to call others “climate deniers,” the media simply gives these people the moniker “anti-vaccine supporters.” Or if they are feeling particularly cheeky, “anti-vaxxers.”

I’m sorry, why not call them what they are…vaccine deniers.

The Hill says, “Hundreds of anti-vaccination supporters demonstrated outside a public hearing in Washington state on Friday to protest a bill that would make it harder for families to opt out of mandatory vaccinations for children, the Associated Press reported. The protest took place amid the state’s worse measles outbreak in more than two decades. Health officials have reported at least 56 cases in Washington and Oregon. An estimated 700 people demonstrated in Olympia, Washington, most of whom opposed stricter requirements, The Washington Post reported. The modern anti-vaccination movement has picked up recently, despite research finding that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) is not linked to autism.”

One would think that the anti-vaccine movement would be strong among backwoods fundamentalists or that a wave of Christian Scientists suddenly produced this mass psychosis, but it’s the irreligious left that is driving this phenomenon.
Some of the teens of these parents are finding ways to get the vaccines anyway which demonstrates the whole family is, at least, not on board with the movement.   Vaccines have been saving lives and saving people from disease for over a century.  When I was preparing to go to Vietnam, the Marine Corps lined me and others up to get an array of shots to prevent tropical diseases besides the ones I already had from childhood.  One of those shots was to prevent the Plague.  Ironically in the battle of Khe Shan, it was the North Vietnamese army which came down with the plague and not the Marines inside the siege.


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