Left greets Trump supporters in El Paso with violence and nonsense

Washington Examiner:
Attendees exiting President Trump’s rally at the El Paso County Coliseum Monday night were greeted by a group of protesters outside the venue.

Police wearing tactical gear and dozens more in uniform broke up minor arguments and fights as Trump supporters walked past two groups of protesters on opposite corners of Paisano and Washington streets. There were roughly 100 protesters in total.

Twenty police officers lined the intersection to prevent others from getting through to rally attendees who were exiting the coliseum. One officer could be heard on a loud speaker encouraging people to "keep it civil" and return to their vehicles.
Inside the rally, a man attacked reporters and knocked over cameras.  The man was subsequently kicked out of the rally.

Meanwhile, Beto O'Rourke said that walls made crossings more dangerous for illegals pushing them out into the desert.  That is what most sane people would call deterrence.

Trump during his speech made the case for improved border security and pointed out how dangerous the Mexican border cities are as cartels fight to control access to US corridors.  He also had some kind things to say about Texas.


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