ISIS new base of operation appears to be in West Africa

PJ Media:
'ISIS West Africa Has Grown' with 'Best Estimate' Up to 4,000, Says AFRICOM General

Waldhauser noted that the U.S. is limited on where it can strike terrorists in Africa.

"We can strike in Somalia, we can strike in Libya, but not in Nigeria, Chad and the like. So we don't have authorities there," he said. "Now, ISIS West Africa has grown. They go by different names every once in a while, but they have grown in numbers. They're now in the neighborhood, probably in the neighborhood, of around 3,000 to 4,000. That's the best estimate that we have."

"They have been very aggressive over the summer into this year," the general added. "They now have taken large pieces of real estate in northern Nigeria and, I think, of the two right now, they're the one that we have the most concern about because we are not sure what their intentions would be with regards to outside the region. Boko Haram probably around a thousand, bottom line ... can't say for sure whether they've been designated or not. I know that we don't strike them."

U.S. forces in the region work under "the inherent right of self-defense and collective self-defense."
Radical Islam operates under many names in various countries, but it does seem to have some coherence despite the various titles it uses.  It is still a brutal ideology which kills all who do not accept its creed.


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