Obama's disastrous leadership on the war is not a marker for military decision making

Washington Post:
After a SEAL’s death in Yemen, questions persist on Trump’s decision-making process

Current and former officials said the discussions leading up to the Jan. 29 raid marked a departure from the more hands-on, deliberative approach of the Obama administration.
Obama was one of the worst Presidents in history when it came to managing the war, precisely because he tried to micromanage an effort he was ignorant of.

Not since Lyndon Johnson has a President done such a poor job of allowing the military to use its best judgment in achieving an objective as Obama did.  The man was ignorant of warfare and history and thought he knew more than those who were educated in the art of war.

Trump is smart enough to go back to intelligent decision making that leaves the details of an operation up to people who know what they doing.  In war, there is always risk in every operation.  While casualties are an unfortunate aspect of military operations, when they occur it does not mean that the decision to approve a plan was wrong.

This criticism is just another bad faith claim by opponents of the new administration.


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