There is no weariness in fighting another big Democrat lie about a Repubican

NY Times:

Fresh Worries on Russia for Trump’s Weary Defenders

The obsessiveness and ferocity of President Trump’s pushback against critics who suggested his campaign colluded with the Russians are making an uncertain situation worse.
Democrats do not have much credibility on this issue and Comey lost credibility when he failed to seek an indictment of Hillary's Clinton's obvious mishandling of classified material.  These are the same Democrats who pushed the "Bush lied" lie after they voted to support the war in Iraq.  They knew they were the ones lying and they have thought up this lie to explain away the loss of an election by a lousy candidate.   The media has also lost credibility on the issue, first proclaiming there were wiretaps and then acting as if they never said it.

If the NSA can record Gen. Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador and then give transcripts of that to Democrat operatives to give to the media, that only adds to the lack of trust in any investigation at this point.  We seem to be at the point where the Congress is being told there is no evidence of collusion but they have to keep investigating?  The media and the Democrats are going to have a very tough time selling this conspiracy theory and so far they have nothing other than the fact that there is an investigation.

It is not up to Trump supporters to defend something that does not exist.  Until the Democrats and their media cohorts come up with something solid they are just pushing political BS.

Right now it is still a nothing burger and the media credibility is further harmed by pushing it.


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