Media and Democrats mislead about revelations at hearing on Russia and election

Joel Pollack:
Monday’s hearing “debunked” Trump’s wiretapping tweets, but left his underlying claim intact: that there was surveillance of the Trump campaign; that the results were shared throughout the government — even possibly reaching the Obama White House; and that intelligence was leaked, illegally, to the mainstream media.
Gowdy’s questioning revealed an astonishing list of potential suspects. And given that the FBI and NSA testified that there was still no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, the fact remains that the only crime that is known to have occurred with absolute certainty was the leaking of Flynn’s name and the contents of his conversation with the Russian ambassador.
If you read the mainstream media accounts of the hearing you might miss the most important revelations.  The left is still playing semantics games over the term wiretap, instead of focusing on the reality of what was happening.

Meanwhile. the Washington Post complains about a "partisan press"?


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