Seattle to forum shop a suit against Trump's decision on defending sanctuary cities

The mayor of Seattle has announced that he will be suing the US government over President Trump’s decision to not award federal grants to state and local governments who do not cooperate with ICE agents. This should be unremarkable. Federal money goes out in grant agreements. The agreement stipulates what the city will do in exchange for the money. All the grant applications have numerous riders that require the grant recipient to adhere to all manner of federal policies. This is the way Common Core has become embedded in the nation’s education system. If a grantee will not agree to abide by the terms of the grant they don’t get the money. Simple concept, no?
King County (see page 31 of the report) will only honor ICE detainers if someone has been convicted of a serious felony or if there is an outstanding criminal warrant. If a person is picked up on suspicion of anything, like murder, for instance, and they aren’t charged but they are illegal, Seattle will not honor an ICE detainer. So they may not be breaking the law but they are refusing to assist federal agents… at no cost of manpower or funds… in the enforcement of immigration laws. And this mayor is not prioritizing safety because he has the ability to remove dangerous people from his city and is electing to put them back on the street.
I do not buy their argument about their policy being helpful to public safety, nor would the victims of crimes committed by the illegals.


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