House Freedom caucus offers a compromise on healthcare

Washington Examiner:
President Trump and most of official Washington blames the House Freedom Caucus for the death of the American Health Care Act. There is some, but not complete, justification for this.

But the Freedom Caucus's top members have since laid out a clear path to passage of repeal and replace, and are showing a willingness to compromise. They have made a perfectly reasonable and prudent bid in the negotiation.

If the White House, Speaker Paul Ryan, and Republican centrists actually want to repeal and replace Obamacare, they should accept the Freedom Caucus's offer. If they reject it, it will demonstrate that they didn't mean it when they campaigned for election on a platform that included killing the 2010 law.
The Affordable Health Care Act repealed the employer mandate and the individual mandate. That's two of Obamacare's 12 mandates, by Meadows' count.

"The Freedom Caucus has asked for two [more] to be included in the repeal," Meadows said, "which would bring us to a total of four of the twelve Obamacare mandates. That's our ask: These Obamacare mandates repealed in exchange for Yes votes."

The Essential Health Benefits and "Community Ratings" are the two regulations the Freedom Caucus wants dead.
I am not persuaded that any of the Obamacare mandates are needed and doing away with all of them would give people the best chance of reducing the cost of health insurance. I don't think the supporters of Obamacare and the supported of the House repeal version that failed have made the case for keeping any of the mandates.


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