Cleaning up the mess left by the dirty environmentalists

Town Hall:
It Took $1.1 Million And 835 Dumpsters, But The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camps Have Been Cleaned Out

... they left, among other things, mountains of garbage as they vacated the area. Additionally, they left their pets as well. Local animal rescue groups have been combing the protest camps searching for abandoned dogs. They also set their camp on fire. In an ironic twist, the amount of waste left at these sites presented a danger that it could pollute waterways if the spring melt washes this garbage and debris into the Missouri River system; this is one of the main reasons why green protesters staged a weeks-long campaign against the pipeline project.
Their real agenda has little to do with the environment.  They just use it as an excuse to push their control freak agenda to control people's lives by attacking the energy industry.


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