The radical Islam addiction leads to mass murders

NY Times:

London Attacker: Quiet and Friendly, but With Hostile Side

Investigators are trying to grasp how a former English teacher with a degree in economics and leading an outwardly quiet life slipped into extremism.
Some things become clear with this event.  It was not a lack of education or a lack of a job that made this guy want to go out a commit mass murder of people he did not even know.  Within Islam and its religious text, there is a strain that appears to command the followers to kill those who do not accept their "prophet."  Many of these people are also willing to kill other Muslims if they do not buy into the weird beliefs of the radicals.

Notice how the lead of this story discusses this killers action like they would someone who became addicted to a dangerous drug i.e. "slipped into extremism."  It should be clear that former Obama officials who thought the answer to radical Islam was a jobs program could not have been more wrong.


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