Bottom story of the day

Washington Post:
Three White House officials linked to files shared with House intelligence chair

The White House role in the matter contradicts assertions by the committee chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), and adds to mounting concerns that the Trump administration is collaborating with the leader of the House investigation into Russian meddling in the election.
The Post seems hell bent on ignoring the real scandal here and that is the Obama administration's using the intelligence agencies to spy on the political opposition.  The fact that the Trump administration is cooperating with the chairman of the intelligence committee is something to be applauded and not treated as if that is a scandal.

So many at the Post have become anti-Trump partisans that they collectively have lost the plot.  They are willing to overlook lawlessness to pursue their partisan objectives in much the same way the Democrats have.  Or perhaps they are trying to distract from the pursuit of their sources who have violated the law.


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