The post election liberal meltdown is unabated

John Kass:
The liberal Democratic meltdown continues: the whining, the weeping, the blaming of Hillary Clinton, the gnashing of teeth and those heartbreaking, sighing questions about whether life is worth living anymore.

And that's not just in America's newsrooms, either, but in many other places too.

Outside newsrooms, half the country is in political mourning, the other half is still relishing the election.

And if they don't relish the elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency exactly, they're at least celebrating those videos shared on social media, of precious TV talking heads and pundits laughing hysterically while mocking the "uneducated" and the "deplorables" who didn't have the wits to deny Hillary her Restoration.

•Democrats pushing for an end to the Electoral College, reminding me of the story of those two wolves and the lamb voting on what's for dinner.

•The fight over whether Clinton should be charged with a crime, and if she is, should she expect a pardon?

•And what about those safety pins?
The anti-Trump protests aren't exactly spontaneous, are they? They're organized, perhaps with George Soros' cash. But here's the thing. The protests allow the hard left to send a message to Democrats:

Don't stray. We're here, on the left. We're watching you.

My only complaints are those primal scream parties on campus and students who asked for postelection counseling. These are the signs of weak children born to a diseased establishment that's been overturned. In every age, history is full of such poignant teeth gnashing.
There is more.

My reaction to the safety pins is different from that of Kass.  I have to choke back laughter when I see them.  I figure these kids are in enough pain with someone engaging in overt laughter at their misery.  But really, diaper pins seem appropriate for these tender souls.  Hopefully, someday they will learn to act like an adult when dealing with disappointment.


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