Liberals still do not get the dangers of radical Islam

NY Times:

Ex-General and Critic of Islam to Help Guide Trump in White House

Michael T. Flynn, the choice for national security adviser, fears that Islamic law is spreading in the United States and sees a “world war” with radical Islam.
The headline is a bit misleading.  Flynn is a realist when dealing with the threats of radical Islam.  Obama and many liberals have this weird idea that Muslims are so flighty that they will commit mass murder if you are critical of radical Islam.  What makes this weird is that even in Saudi Arabia the government understands the threat of radical Islam and expresses it openly.  Flynn does the same and is labeled a "critic of Islam."

What should be clear is that the Obama approach has failed.  Radical Islam has killed more people in the last year than at any time since 9-11.  His policies have led to mass murder for Allah attacks around the world and genocide in the Middle East.


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