Two killed and 70 retired monks held hostage in Montpellior, France

Daily Mail:
Two people are dead and more than 70 monks were being held hostage by a masked man with a knife and sawn-off shotgun in in Montpellier, France.

Local residents claim the armed man stormed the retirement home at around 9.45pm but they are unsure of his motives as anti-terror police surround the building.

At least 70 monks, who have served as missionaries in Africa, reside in the home in Montferrier-sur-Lez, north of the city.

Those killed are thought to be an elderly female survivwoman supervisor who manage to alert police before she was stabbed, and a man who was working with her.
The gunman is still believed to be in the building which is surrounded by anti-terror police.

One source claims on entering the building, police found the body of an elderly woman who had been stabbed several times, the source said.

'Nothing at this stage would indicate that this would be a terrorist act,' another source said.
I find that last statement not credible.  Of all the potential motives for senseless killing in a retirement home for Christian missionaries, I would put terrorism high on the list of possibilities.  It is France after all where Islamic religious bigots have attacked an elderly priest recently.


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