Liberals that do not want your business

The cast of Hamilton, a popular Broadway play, was unhappy that Vice President-elect Pence attended their performance where some in the audience booed him.  If they do not want people who support the new administration to see their performance, it could have a negative impact on New York hotels and airline travels to the city.  That would also mean less business for cab drivers and concierge services at hotels.

Then there is the fashion designer who does not want the glamorous new First Lady to wear her designs.  There are always alternatives, I guess, and the new First Lady is glamourous enough to look good in just about anything.

Some people are having fun with the notoriously liberal Starbucks:
Limiting your market to only those who supported Clinton will hurt liberal business owners more than it hurts customers who will find alternatives.


  1. I would prefer that athletes would just run the ball where the coach tells them, and that actors would stick to spouting words the writers put in their mouths.


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