Liberal reaction to election is uniting GOP conservatives

Red States:
Keep It Up, Snowflakes – You’re Doing The Impossible.

Congrats, special snowflakes. You are well on your way to doing what more than a generation of conservative activists haven’t been able to accomplish – uniting the various factions within the party.
Hillary was done because working-class America is done being lectured to, done being judged, done being told they’re inherently bad because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or their religious beliefs. They’re sick of being referred to as simpletons, and of the ruling class assuming they know best how to run everyone else’s lives. They’re sick of progressives extending more understanding and compassion to ISIS than to their fellow Americans.

But Dems/liberals don’t understand that yet. This election was a referendum. It was a referendum rejecting every PC, divisive, name-calling, intolerant, virtue-signaling behavior that the modern liberal assumes is normal.

And the more they double-down on their buzz words and pointless protests, the more the GOP unites.
It is too bad they will not read this or link in their conversations about the election.  If they did, they might start comprehending just how counterproductive their current campaigns are.


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