Liberals deserved to lose the election

Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver:
The reaction to this past week’s election results has been fascinating to watch.

We can’t blame progressives for being upset. It’s tough to lose, and to lose so “big league.” But the breathless angst, the crying, the protesting and the hysteria over people “losing their rights” is seriously out of control.

Have liberals learned nothing?

You did this to yourselves. You chose the worst possible candidate to represent you: a lying, sexual predator-enabling woman whose entire adult life has been about pursuing political power. She willfully ignored rules, putting our national security at risk. The Clintons have always been above the law, the epitome of elitism, and yet, that’s who you chose.

You tossed all of your eggs into the “first woman president” basket, accusing anyone who didn’t support Hillary Clinton of sexism, when in fact, most conservatives would be delighted to elect a woman worthy of the job as president. But conservatives care about transparency, about the rule of law and about having leaders who believe in the power of individuals to achieve without being dependent on government. Clinton fails on every count.

You turned our college campuses into breeding grounds for whining, triggered, self-important, safe space-seeking toddlers. You care more about political correctness than common sense. You smugly declared victory far ahead of election night, and the mainstream media and pollsters were complicit, giving you ample reason to believe you spoke for all minorities and all women. You ignored the outrage conservatives have demonstrated over your absurd social justice causes, which demean the very demographics they claim to speak for.
There is more.

This piece is worth reading in full.   It explains exactly why so many Americans rejected the Democrats this cycle.  I do not expect the liberals in this country to read it or even understand it which will only continue to benefit conservative candidates.


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