NSA Director under consideration by Trump and under fire from Obama admistration

BREAKING. Obama Administration Is Trying To Fire Trump’s NSA Choice
Yesterday, the Trump transition team announced that it has selected Admiral Mike Rogers, current head of the NSA, to be Director of National Intelligence to succeed the seriously butt-hurt James Clapper. Now it turns out that the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, and Clapper are are trying to fire him.
Something is happening here, but it is not very clear.  NSA has had problems with internal security since before its current director Mike Rogers took command.  Since he has been there, more breaches have been discovered.

The NY Times story is here:

Obama Is Considering Removing N.S.A. Leader

Top officials have urged the president to remove Adm. Michael S. Rogers, citing concern over his efforts to combat the Islamic State and guard secrets.


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