Obama and Big Green make life tougher on the poor

Rick Manning:
The stated objective of lowering carbon emissions might make sense if these very regulations weren’t projected to have the perverse effect of encouraging the continued and expanded burning of these fuels in countries with significantly lower environmental standards while costing hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

When coupled with the Obama Administration’s goal of establishing a Trans-Pacific Partnership that will encourage outsourcing manufacturing to nations with virtually non-existent environmental protections, the net result would be fewer well-paying jobs here at home to help raise the middle class and more pollution worldwide.

But this may be considered an esoteric argument. One Obama EPA regulation that would have an obvious devastating impact on the very poor is the EPA’s rule on residential wood heaters. This regulation would make the cost of manufacturing heaters that burn wood prohibitively expensive denying consumers a low-cost means to safely heat their homes using wood.

In spite of the belief of those who cash government paychecks every other week, many people in our nation depend upon burning wood for heat in the winter even in the affluent Washington, D.C. area. Nationally, one in ten homes depends upon wood heat in some form with just under two percent using it as their primary source.
The last two winters I have used nothing but firewood for heating my home.  The saving in propane costs has been in the thousands of dollars and the wood was harvested from my own property.   I guess they will come after my chain saw next.  What is really sick about these job killing regulations is their effect on the reduction in the temperature is so low as to be non existent.  They are trying to sell these ruinous regulations on the faulty premise that killing our economy will make other countries want to do the same.


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