Al Qaeda bomber killed in Syria strike?

Daily Mail:

'We've killed world’s most wanted terrorist': American officials believe Muhsin al-Fadhli died in airstrikes on Syria where he was plotting toothpaste tube bomb attacks on US and Europe

  • Fresh wave of airstrikes hit ISIS targets in north west Syria overnight, according to a conflict monitoring group
  • Witnesses allege aircraft came from the direction of Turkey, but Turkey denies its airspace was used for attacks
  • Meanwhile American forces carried out separate overnight attacks on ISIS in both eastern Syria and inside Iraq
  • Blitz comes as jihadists claim leader of the Al Qaeda-linked Khorasan Group was killed in yesterday's air strikes
  • Muhsin al-Fadhli was apparently nearing 'execution phase' of terror plot he had masterminded against the West
  • Khorasan group has specialised in making sophisticated bombs for attacks against airports and passenger planes
The death has not been confirmed at this point, but there are some indications the strike was successful.  If so, it is a real blow to al Qaeda and its hopes for future mass murder for Allah attacks.


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