You mean a killer violated New York gun laws to shoot firemen?

NY Daily News:
The psycho sniper who boasted that killing people was what he did best gunned down two volunteer firefighters used an all-too-familiar weapon: a Bushmaster .223 caliber.

That same model of killing machine was used in the horrific elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., where 20 children and six staffers died.

The chilling revelation came Tuesday morning — a day after the gunman, William Spengler Jr., set his home on fire and ambushed first responders, turning his suburban neighborhood in Webster, N.Y., outside of Rochester, into a burning war zone.

In 1981 Spengler admitted to killing his grandmother with a hammer. He served a 17-year prison sentence and had an uneventful parole to 2006.

As a convicted felon, Spengler was not allowed to own guns. Police were examining the possibility Spengler had stolen the weapons, and whether he had a vendetta against the local fire department.  (Emphasis added.)

Talk about burying the lead.  The paragraph indicating that the shooter was not eligible to buy the weapon he used is roughly 40 paragraphs into the story that is filled with anti gun rhetoric.  So in both of the recent mass murders the shooter was using someone else's weapon.  You would think that would be relevant to a discussion of placing restrictions on the purchase of weapons.


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