When it comes to debt Obama, Democrats the problem

NY Times:

A Campaign on U.S. Debt Gains Steam

Maya MacGuineas is the face of the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a nonpartisan coalition of chief executives, politicians and economic experts lobbying lawmakers to broker a deal.
Any deal would have to overcome Obama, and Democrat spending addictions and a lack of seriousness in solving the problem  They only offer phantom "cuts" to spending that was not going to happen anyway.  The are completely totally unserious when it comes to dealing with the debt.

A good start would be to permanently get rid of current services budgeting which inexorably drives up spending in a way to hide it from voters.  While the government would benefit from zero base budgeting, it would do better than it has by no automatically adding a percentage to every program every year and calling any attempt to restrain the growth in these programs a "cut."  That is the fraud behind Democrat budget strategies and exposing it and stopping it would be progress toward budgetary sanity.


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