ICE scraps program using local law enforcement

CNS News:
Amid Hispanic calls for immigration leniency, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is scrapping a program that allowed specially trained state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration law. 
On Dec. 21, the Friday before Christmas, ICE announced that it has decided "not to renew any of its agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies that operate task forces under the 287(g) program."

ICE said it has concluded that "other enforcement programs, including Secure Communities, are a more efficient use of resources for focusing on priority cases."

Under Secure Communities, the federal officials -- not state or local law enforcement officers -- decide what immigration enforcement action, if any, is appropriate.

The Obama administration in 2009 weakened the 287(g) program by directing state and local police not to arrest many of the illegal immigrants with whom they came into contact.
This is additional evidence that senior management of ICE is not serious about enforcing our immigration laws.  They are probably doing this on Orders from Obama who sees political advantage in ignoring the law.


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