Hilllary's blood clot

NY Times:

Hillary Clinton Is Hospitalized After Exam Finds a Blood Clot

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is being treated with anticoagulant medication after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from her concussion this month.
She should have been hospitalized when she first suffered the concussion.  While some have questioned whether she actually had one, a person of her age should not take any chances with such injuries because the damage may not be apparent without x-rays and monitoring.  It is likely that her dehydration caused her blood pressure to drop which led to her passing out and getting the head injury to begin with.  The possibility of internal bleeding in the brain is serious.  It causes pressure within the skull which required brain surgery to drain the bleeding and tie it off.

Apparently she is being treated with anti coagulants in an attempt to break up the clotting.  If left untreated it could lead to a stroke.

While I am a retired lawyer and not a doctor I have had family experiences with these issues.  They can be serious.  It has not been that long ago that an actress died following a ski accident when she was not rushed to the hospital with her head injuries.

This may further delay her testimony about the failures of the State Department to adequately protect the Benghazi mission.  She is going to have to eventually testify.


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