Is this guy serious?

Chris Cillizza:

The Clintons’ good year in Washington

This headline shows how out of touch Washington insiders are from the real world.  In the real world Hillary Clinton's State Department screwed up so badly that an ambassador and three others were killed because they were not provided adequate security after begging for it for weeks.  The Arab spring has turned intoa  disaster for the US.  The Libyan war led to al Qaeda's take over of Mali with weapons taken from Qaddafi's arms depot that the US failed to secure because it was too busy leading from behind.  Tens of thousadns of Syrians have been killed and it appears that al Qaeda is getting a toe hold in another country.  Negotiations with Iran have gone exactly nowhere.

You have to wonder what Cillizza it would take for Cillizza to call it a bad year for her.


  1. You are missing the important stuff. Bill played a significant role in getting Barry reelected. This in turn gives Hillary lots of chips to cash in for 2016. Nothing else matters.


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