The word 'extremist' should be banned

The word "extremist" has become the liberals favorite pejorative.  You get the feeling liberals would be speechless without when it comes to describing those who oppose their agenda.  Here is a recent example from the NY Times:

Op-Ed: Don't Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel

What they really mean is Israeli supporters who disagree with Hagel.  Personally I disagree with Hagel on numerous issues and especially on defense issues.   He was dead wrong on the surge in Iraq as was Obama and most Democrats.  He served as a tank driver in Vietnam which gave him a limited vision of that conflict since tanks were mainly a side show in the war until the very end when the communist massed tanks to overrun the South Vietnamese whose army had been designed to deal with an insurgency and not an armored attack.  But while Hagel was there enemy tanks were a rarity.

Most combat operations involved foot patrols to find and disrupt enemy attacks.  Most sergeants in the modern US army and the Marine Corps probably have a better understanding of geopolitical matters than Hagel.  He just is not that smart to begin with and liberals think he is mainly because he agrees with their skewed vision of the world.

Hagel shows a seriously limited vision of the dangers posed by the religious bigots who rule Iran.  That limited vision could lead to signalling weakness which would lead to a regional war with Iran.

Hagel made his fortune by getting an early license to set up a cellular phone company.

In 2008 he tried some trial balloons to generate interest in a Presidential race.  But, the interest was minimal outside the liberal media.  That is when I started calling him Sen. * because of the symbol used by the polling companies to refer to candidates getting less than one percent in the polls.


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