Anti energy left's man in Congress to run for Kerry Senate seat

Washington Post:
Rep. Ed Markey (D) plans to run for the Massachusetts Senate seat likely being vacated by Sen. John Kerry (D), President Obama’s nominee for secretary of state.  
Markey, 66, has served in the House since 1976 and is the dean of the Massachusetts delegation. The veteran House member announced his decision in a statement, saying, “There is so much at stake.” 
“I refuse to allow the Tea Party-dominated Republican Party to lead us off the fiscal cliff and into recession,” Markey said. “I won’t allow the NRA to obstruct an assault weapons ban yet again. I will not sit back and allow oil and coal industry lobbyists to thwart our clean energy future or extremists to restrict women’s rights and health care.”
I think Markey has been dead wrong on energy and therefore should be defeated.  He tried to say that employment projections by Woods-McKenzie were wrong, but the Eagle Ford formation and the Bakken formation are proving him wrong on job creation  Even the old Permian Basin is creating jobs in Midland making its unemployment record one of the lowest in the country at around 3 percent.  McDonalds is having to pay employees $20 an hour to compete.

It should also be noted that the Democrat party and its irresponsible spending are the cause of the problems that created the fiscal cliff.  They have no plan that will contain spending to a sustainable level and they have no plan to save entitlement programs and make them sustainable.

But Massachusetts is full of magical thinking Democrats so he stands a chance which is too bad for this country.  Scott Brown is a likely opponent.  While he is by necessity a squish on some issues, he is far better than Markey.


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