74% oppose gun ban

Washington Post:
An unprecedented number of Americans support the right to own a handgun, despite the recent mass killings at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., that have renewed the push for gun control. 
Even with the killings in Newtown as a backdrop, a new Gallup poll shows 74 percent of Americans now support the right to possess a handgun, while just 24 percent would support a ban.
In fact, the Gallup poll is a near-perfect example of why passing gun control legislation will be difficult.

While a significant majority of Americans say they support new gun measures — 58 percent (up from 44 percent last year) — those same people can’t seem to come to an agreement when it comes to specific laws.

In contrast to other polling, Gallup even shows a majority of Americans remain opposed to an assault weapons ban — something the American people supported as recently as a decade ago.
It looks like the Democrats have over reached again on their gun grabber agenda.  Piers Morgan find himself is a distinct minority who want to ban gun ownership.  It looks like Obama and his legislative cohorts are going to blunder into an unpopular move again.


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