Tea Party won some big races in 2012

NY Times:

Tea Party Seen as Weakened Force in G.O.P. After Election

The November election significantly weakened the once-surging movement, and its activists have not been front and center in the fiscal debate that is consuming Washington.
It is way too early to count the Tea Party out.  Obama seems well on his way to the same deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance that led to the defeat of Democrats in record number in 2010.  I don't think they are doing a rope a dope at this point, but they do appear to be waiting to see how things play out in Congress.  If Obama pushes the debt ceiling and raises taxes the way he wants to, we will definitely hear from the Tea Party.

They did win some big races in 2012 such as Ted Cruz in Texas/  The Missouri screw up was not on the Tea Party.  It was the product of dirty politics by Harry Reid and Clare McCaskill.  They put money into the Republican primary to bet the candidate they wanted and he screwed up bad enough to give them the win.  I do think the GOP needs to work with new candidates to put them on to Democrat and media tricks on abortion questions.

Republicans were also hurt by Obama's scurrilous negative campaign against Romney aimed at suppressing a significant part of the white working class vote.  They were successful and it probably turned more races than just Obama's.  Republicans need to learn to deal with Democrat negative campaigns.  Speaking of which, Democrats have been running a negative campaign against the Tea Party since 2010.  There needs to be a response of some kind or giving Democrats some of their own medicine.


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