Gun makers ready to flee hostile environment in Northeast

NY Times:

Gun Makers’ Threats to Flee State Are Lobbying Leverage

Firearm companies in Connecticut, a cradle of the American gun industry, have defeated tighter regulation by threatening to close factories there.
They really have not been that effective in lobbying in Connecticut, which has the fourth most restrictive gun laws in the country.  They even have an "assault weapons" ban.  It did not cover the gun used in the shooting because it was such a small caliber.  That is one reason why the killer had to use multiple rounds to kill his victims.  It would also not have been covered by the old assault weapons ban.  Critics of the ban say it is based more on the look of the weapon than anything.  If Congress tries to restrict the size of the magazine used in the weapon it will merely drive up the price of the existing large capacity magazines.

How many people are going to put "Gun Free Zone" signs in front of their homes?


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