Widow of Brit bomber collaborating with al Qaeda?

Kenyan authorities want to question a woman believed to be Samantha Lewthwaite, 28, who married Jermaine Lindsay, the suicide bomber who blew up an underground train at King’s Cross in 2005.
She is thought to be a key player in a terrorist cell involving two other Britons that was planning attacks on upmarket hotels and restaurants in Nairobi which were popular with tourists.
Sources believe Miss Lewthwaite was claiming to be Natalie Faye Webb, a South African, but it was later established that her passport was fake.
It was reported that she subsequently escaped a raid by Kenyan police. Authorities believe she fled with a bag containing bundles of US banknotes, 500 fuses use in igniting explosives and a laptop.
The Met police sent a large team of counter-terrorism detectives to Nairobi to assist with the investigation and have conducted searches for Miss Lewthwaite in Britain.
Alfred Mutua, Kenya’s government spokesman, stressed he could not confirm that Miss Webb and Miss Lewthwaite were the same person, but added: “We believe she is a collaborator with terrorists, not a planner.
“Our understanding is she was working with people here, al-Qaeda or al-Shabaab people, she is a very big sympathiser with those people.
“She was not going to carry out an attack, but she helped to fundraise for them, helped in the acquisition of weapons, hiding people, transporting people, that kind of thing.”
Dozens of Britons have travelled to Somalia in the last two years to join al-Shabaab, a militant group allied to al-Qaeda that has taken over vast swathes of the country.
Most travel through Kenya on their way to joining up with fighters from the group, which boasts an English-language Twitter account and a well-oiled publicity machine.
There are concerns that extremists could return to launch attacks in Britain. An Interpol alert had been issued to prevent Miss Lewthwaite travelling back to Britain but Kenyan police believe she has already fled across the border into the lawless areas of Somalia.
The description fits that of a true believer in the al Qaeda cause.  It has unusual locals, but the plans are just as deadly as that perpetrated by her deceased spouse.  It would not be easy for her to blend in with the locals in Kenya and Somalia, so she will probably be taking sanctuary with people with whom she is in sympathy.


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