Gendercide imported to UK

Sunday Telegraph:
In a children’s playground in Manhattan’s Central Park on a glorious, quickening spring Saturday, much like today, I was with my daughter by the climbing frame when a massed battalion of buggies came through the gates. The parents unleashed their precious cargo and a group of excited little girls swarmed towards us. It took me a few minutes to make sense of what I was seeing.
The parents were well-to-do New Yorkers in their forties or fifties, and all of them were white. The little girls had lustrous, dark hair, often chopped into a thick fringe, and adorable, intelligent brown eyes. They were perfect and beautiful. And they were rejects. Each and every one of them. Chucked on the garbage heap of life; either abandoned outside an orphanage or left to die. Casualties of China’s one-child policy, those little girls, adopted by Americans who had left conception too late, are the lucky ones. Increasing numbers of their sisters are not permitted to be born. As soon as foetuses are big enough to be scrutinised on a $12 ultrasound scan, and are found to be lacking the critical male appendage, they are aborted.
Thank heavens for little girls, they grow up in the most delightful way. Not everyone shares Maurice Chevalier’s enthusiasm, or is prepared to allow a female child to grow up at all. Certainly not countries where boys are still needed to do hard physical labour or where only sons can inherit land. Or where boys are simply considered better. In Indian cities, the primitive village practice of killing unwanted, live female babies is frowned upon; aborting girls is seen as the civilised, modern alternative. In such societies, there are 120 boys for every 100 girls. Back in 1990, the economist Amartya Sen estimated that 100 million girls had “disappeared”. That figure is much higher today. They call it gendercide.
If such stories from nations with alien values and no established history of sexual equality are chilling, just imagine the idea that babies are being culled because of their gender in the UK today. Unbelievable. Horrifying. Yet, that is precisely what an undercover investigation by this newspaper has revealed – and today, shockingly, we learn that an expert believes the practice is “widespread”. I actually shouted aloud with dismay when I read the stories. A woman who was 12 weeks pregnant had an appointment with the Calthorpe Clinic and explained to a doctor that she and her partner wished to terminate the pregnancy because they “don’t want a girl”. A certain Dr Raj responded, “That’s not fair. It’s like female infanticide, isn’t it?” He then proceeded calmly to fill out a form for the abortion, casually giving a different reason to the mum and dad simply not fancying a baby girl. “I’ll put too young for pregnancy, yeah?”
Most appalling of all is that the doctor’s response proves he knows that what the woman is proposing is deeply wrong, even criminal, yet he happily suggests another reason to get the abortion done. It’s as though he were penning some excuse for a work sick-note, not aiding and abetting the disposal of a baby when the only thing “wrong” with it is it hasn’t got a willy.
 In another clinic, NHS consultant Prabha Sivaraman was asked by a mum-to-be if illegal, sex-selection abortions were really available on demand. The woman said she thought she was having a girl, after a test in France, but she didn’t have actual proof. Was that a problem? “Oh, no,” replied Miss Sivaraman blithely, “we don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination.”
And there we have it. A bald statement contradicting the law of the land, which says that abortion is only permissible if it threatens the mother’s health or if the foetus is severely disabled, has a distressing hereditary condition, and will have an appalling quality of life.......
This is an evil cultural invasion of the UK.  It is one that is unlikely to be stopped unless more controls are implemented on the abortion process.  There was a time when Britain had values that rejected things like gendercide, but the Asian disease seems to have infected it too.   Is America the only place that still values little girls?


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