Keystone XL from Oklahoma to Texas Gulf is a go

Houston Chronicle:
TransCanada Corp. announced today it would build its Keystone XL oil pipeline in two phases as it prepares to file a new application for U.S. approval of a cross-border permit. 
The Calgary-based company announced it would proceed with building the segment from the storage-hub city of Cushing, Okla., to Gulf Coast refineries in Texas, citing the need to alleviate an ongoing Midwestern supply glut. The company also said it would soon reapply with the State Department for a presidential permit for the pipeline’s border-crossing segment from Canada through the Great Plains. 
TransCanada CEO Russ Girling said the company’s $2.3 billion Gulf Coast segment would need regulatory approvals but not from the State Department. He said TransCanada hopes to finish that part by the end of 2013. 
He said TransCanada, which has aimed to have the entire Keystone XL pipeline online by early 2015, also hopes the State Department will expedite the new permit’s approval due to three years’ worth of information from the previous application. The State Department has said it’s unclear how much of that information it can actually use.
There is more.

This is a badly needed pipeline to get the oil from North Dakota to market.  It is an intermediate work around to also deal with the obstinacy  of the Obama administration and its ridiculous refusal to approve the whole pipeline.


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