Koch brothers fire back at Obama irresponsible charges

 In a letter that went out to supporters Friday, the Obama camapign said that the Koch brothers "make millions by jacking up prices at the pump, and who bankrolled Tea Party extremism, and committed $200 million to try to destroy President Obama before Election Day."All are charges the Kochs denies. 
"For example, it is false that our 'business model is to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump.' Our business vision begins and ends with value creation — real, long-term value for customers and for society. We own no gasoline stations and the part of our business you allude to, oil and gas refining, actually lowers the price of gasoline by increasing supply," the Koch letter says.
There is more.

The Obama administration tries to demonize those tho oppose them and refuses to engage in a principal debate on the issues.   The Koch brothers have been targets of their ire for sometime because of their support for free market economics.

It is ironic that a President who supports higher gasoline prices would be making bogus charges against a political opponent about raising prices.


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